By Eve W. Engle

The dogs rule in our house. They are fed first, allowed in our bed, have their own bed in the guest room and sneak up onto the sofas when we aren't looking. Maxie, short for Maximus, is a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenes mix, Sammy is a Black Lab/Border Collie mix. His full name is Samuel L. Jackson after one of my favorite actors. Both were abused and rescued from their former owners. They get cookies every morning.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Started

Hello friends,
This is my first attempt at blogging. Hopefully I won't screw it up. We shall see! Please bear with me until I get it up and going. I welcome any suggestions. Eventually I hope to have a better template, but for the time being the quilt will do. At least it looks like Fall!
My idea is to write about writing and literature, the exploits of my family, food, crafts, and of course all about dogs!
Happy reading,

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